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Signs of a Bad Contractor

The following are signs that you are working with a less than professional contractor:

  • Demands more than 10% of total pay upfront. Professional contractors let their work speak for themselves.
  • Doesn't know California pool removal laws. Professional California pool demolition contractors keep up-to-date on all state, county and city laws.
  • Tries to talk you out of using a soils engineer. Most cities in Northern California require that all pool fills be supervised by a soil engineer for environmental reasons.
  • Cannot provide references. Professional contractors always have at least several references for their work.
  • Is not licensed or insured. Professional contractors are always willing to back up their work.

Great Pool Removal Service

Saratoga's Leading Pool demolition Team

Are you thinking about getting rid of your swimming pool? Is your current pool too dated and you want a new one? We offer professional Saratogo pool removal services for residential and commercial owners. Call us and see why we are one of Northern California's top pool demolition specialists.

Reasons to Remove Your Pool In saratoga

Saratogas Best Pool Demolition TeamHomeowners choose to get rid of their swimming pools for many reasons. Often, the pool was built when the family had young children, but once the kids grew up and moved, no one used it anymore. Sometimes the pool was not constructed correctly and suffers from structural faults, and instead of throwing money at fixing it the homeowner would rather remove it entirely. Many sellers choose to remove their pools before attempting to sell their home to increase the number of potential buyers. Other homeowners want to remove their old pool and construct a new one.

Regardless of your reasons, you will need to hire a professional Saratoga, CA pool demolition contractor to break apart and remove all of the heavy concrete and metal that makes up the shell of your pool. Pool removal in Saratoga California The temptation for many homeowners is to run out and use the contractor offering the lowest bid, but this is not always for the best. As any expert pool removal specialist will tell you, it is far better to spend more money on an experienced and professional contractor than to use someone who is relatively unknown. This is because removing pools in Saratoga requires expertise in planning, excavating and filling.

Many times sub-par contractors start work and then get in quickly over their heads, leaving homeowners to pay for their mistakes. Don't let yourself be taken advantage of. Use a professional contractor from the very start who can produce excellent and trustworthy results.

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